Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Sen

I truly feel for those kids especially with guns in the home and how easily they both can fly off the handle. I can even imagine how hard it would be to try to leave a situation like that, but she got to get herself and those kids out of there and figure out a way to start over.Unless you guys clarify some specific scenarios there is nothing about “calling names” especially when this particular account is clearly a troll account and comments “fake news” without bothering to clarify why it is not a reputable source.You’ve got 4 rules “don’t be a jerk” is a really vague rule and I think you guys need to put some clarity on what is being a jerk.Because frankly, I think commenting “fake news” on a source that is typically accepted as reputable on this sub is “being a jerk”.”guidelines” in the wiki is where it says to refrain from name calling. So that where the difference is.

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