Like most humans, they perform better when motivated by food!

Seconding the H Mama super skinny jeans. I was 5’4 110lbs pre pregnancy (25″ waist, 33″ hip) and got these in a size 4. I could wear my normal jeans until around week 23 when I really needed to switch to maternity and leggings. He didn’t claim anything about russians costs subverting (negating?) clinton’s costs. Where are you getting that from? Where are you getting the 1% number from? You know that some of the russian propaganda posts were viewed by millions, over 100 million americans? So where are you getting the 1% number? And alex jones really? You know he doesn’t watch him and you know alex jones wouldn’t talk about russians interfering and influencing the election to elect trump. Yet in another post you said Twitter is biased against conservatives for banning Alex Jones, but now you’re claiming he’s a crazy conspiracy theorist.

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