Like 6 or 7 outlets out of the ones I checked had those

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There actually doesn’t exist a bijection from any interval see this of R to N, as R is uncountable (which is precisely what that means). Tangiental but for the record there does exist a bijection from 0,1 to all of R, which is pretty cool.

He’s implying just because 0 to 1 over R is infinite, doesn’t mean it contains every number. Just as the set of all even integers is the same size of all odd integers (infinite), doesn’t imply the set of all even numbers contains the odd numbers.

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fake hermes belt vs real Well, what is a current iPhone worth in 2005 dollars? That depends, if we ask what it would have cost to build a iPhone in 2005, or if we take a very good cell phone from 2005, or if we imagine just the raw materiel of an iPhone, or whatever. The thing is, each of these possibilities is a choice, and certainly some are more reasonable than others, but that is birkin bag replica hbags just for 14 years ago. Trying the same exercise with 1950 will show, that you get into real trouble. (And note that in that time frame a progress narrative works quite well, something that is no longer obvious as soon as we get to say WWI.) fake hermes belt vs real


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Replica Hermes Birkin But they drastically increasing the random noise, which is uncorrectable. If you have daily data for several years you should very easily be able to pick out any seasonal and weekly variations and compare 4/20 to the expected values for that day of the week as well as that time of the year. Replica Hermes Birkin

Analogously, if I were a fisherman and wanted to know if my catch on 4/20 was unusually high, I wouldn just compare it to the 13th and 7th, hbags hermes replica I fit a curve to my daily catch over the year (as well as any other cycles that show up in the data) and then use that to predict a value for 4/20, so that I not relying on the assumption that two data points are both non outliers.

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So, I been reading up on philosophy lately. My life has been rather down in the dumps, and rather than doing drugs, alcohol or any other mid life crisis stuff, I thought I should get into Stoicism. It replica hermes luggage a bit easier to understand when I read the thing with the cave, but boy. what was he smoking when he wrote that?

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Stoicism is a quite nice perspective, but metaphysics is perhaps not the easiest approach. (Try Marcus Aurelius for something quite practical that also doubles as primary source.)

On the other hand, the stuff about the Platonic realm is perhaps easier when looking at the other possibilities, nominalism claims that only concrete objects exist. That is “that cup” exists, but “the set check my blog of three cups” is just a linguistic construct. The way to attack that view is, to construct something like “all unicorns are griffins,” which is equivalent to “all elements of the empty set are in the empty set” and as such it reviews is true.

However, for that the interesting hermes bag replica view is of course anti realism, because there is no spoon.

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Hermes Handbags Replica Comparing the value of things pre and post Industrial Revolution is very VERY VERY difficult, even when we have actual price and value lists, since damn near everything has changed about. well, damn near everything, due to changes in production, the availability of raw materials, so on and so forth. Hermes Handbags Replica

I don understand what you think is the problem here. Yes, technology has completely changed the way we make clothes. That the point. The only constant is that humans are still humans, we still work roughly the same hours, so using man hour as the basis is the only way to compare economic costs across large time scales. They calculated the man hour needed to craft a shirt in the olden days, then give it a dollar value based on the price of man hour today, to give the equivalent cost. What the problem?

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I have a lot of news articles to go with this, and perhaps a less biased take, or at least that what I trying to do. These articles show a small number of examples of the total number of fake hate crimes that have been exposed over the past couple years, and I tried to pick out most of the ones that originally received a lot of news coverage.

We see “fake hate crimes” from both sides, and the birkin inspired replica handbags number one problem this causes is the lack of trust in the people who report hate crimes. If you cry wolf so many times, people are less likely to believe you. The second biggest problem is how racial tensions are being exacerbated each time the media blows these out of proportion and when they quietly retract the claim when it exposed as a fraud. The media needs to do a better job of accurately representing the racial problems in this country so we can learn what the reality is and address it. Yelling these fake stories from the rooftops will increase racial tensions and can lead to real retaliatory events. Dividing and making everyone scared of “the other” for clicks is fucking greedy and hbags replica hermes evil. When MSNBC does this, it no better than Fox News exaggerating about Black people.

One interesting point about the most recent situation with Jussie Smolett is that most of the media outlets I checked actually had the newest information from the police about how they have reason to believe Smolett claims were fraudulent on their front pages. Like 6 or 7 outlets out of the ones I checked had those articles in plain view, and most were at the top. Let me tell you as someone who has been following these stories for years that this is a good sign that the media is starting to listen to those of us who criticize them for their lopsided coverage. Usually the original claim comes with near zero skepticism, even when the stories don seem to add up, and they put a lot of effort into spreading it. When it becomes known to be a fraudulent claim, they don put nearly as much effort into spreading replica hermes himalayan bag that. This time is different and it across many outlets. It been at the top of CNN website all day.