The kid that tried to dob me in was dumbstruck

That time I got my entire computer class into trouble for plagarism

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canada goose outlet montreal So I was in grade 10 computer class back in the 90s. The kind of class that taught word processing and basic official canada goose outlet programming, definitely not hard at all. The core assignment for the semester was to write an essay about the invention of the computer. It was pretty straight forward stuff. canada goose outlet montreal

canada goose parka outlet So on canada goose outlet in usa the fateful day that I was canada goose outlet to begin my essay I went to insert my floppy disk into the computer canada goose outlet online uk and noticed someone from the last class had left there behind. Of course, I should have given it straight to the teacher, but for some reason I thought I could gain something from it instead. I opened up the canada goose factory outlet directory and there it was, the other students completed assignment, ready for me, how perfect. canada goose parka outlet

So I copied it to my own floppy disc. At that point the student next to me leans over and asks “What is that?” Being naive I reply “Oh, it someone else assignment, I copying it.” “Oh, can I get a copy too?” “Sure, why not?” and I pass him the disc.

canada goose outlet online store review Now it was time to actually get to work. I delete their name and class from the top of the document and replace them with my own. I think I could get away with cheating if I just changed enough of it. As I read the so called essay I realise that it barely more than just bullet points. It not even a first draft, it just an outline, barely 10% finished. I realised at this point that this wouldn do for an assignment, and I couldn canada goose outlet toronto factory even use it for my own outline. I knew that I knew more than the person who wrote this. canada goose outlet online store review

canada goose outlet phone number So I deleted it and thought nothing more of it. I ended up writing my own essay with as much detail as possible. Two entire pages of dense text describing the first computer. canada goose outlet phone number

canada goose outlet price Fast forward to the next week, and the Teacher lets us in the classroom. I wonder what is up because she is absolutely furious. canada goose outlet price

canada goose jacket uk “How dare you all cheat! Did you think I wouldn find out? All of you who copied the assignment get zero and a note home to your parents. I am very disappointed.” kind of stuff. I feeling myself go red at this point because I know I was the instigator of the whole thing. I tried to cheat, but I didn actually cheat. canada goose jacket uk

canada goose outlet uk fake “I go lenient on you all if you tell me who started the cheating.” canada goose outlet uk fake

Of course, the kid I passed it to first yells out, “It was Parthon! He passed it to me.”

canada goose outlet sale The teacher looks at me, back a the kid, and says “No it wasn I have his full essay canada goose outlet uk sale right here and he got 10/10, it nothing like the one you handed in.” canada goose outlet sale

canada goose clothing uk I relaxed because I just dodged a bullet and got the highest grade in the class. The kid that tried to dob me in was dumbstruck. It turns out that he copied it and passed it long, and so did the next student, and the next, and the next. The only three canada goose outlet uk people that didn were me, my friend to the left who refused to cheat as well, and canada goose outlet shop another good girl at the other end of the cheating line. canada goose clothing uk

canada goose outlet store calgary Somewhere between karma for cheating, petty revenge for the kid that tried to bust me, and me feeling guilty for managing to canada goose black friday sale fail most of computer class canada goose outlet store calgary.