Just six per cent said that advertisements they can interact

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Wibbitz, a company whose technology automatically creates video content from text and images, released the results of a video advertising survey it conducted in March 2016.Digiday recently reported that 85 per cent of Facebook video is watched without sound. But this is also the “most tolerable” form of video advertising for consumers (45 per cent of participants), according to the survey. Just six per cent said that advertisements they can interact with are the most tolerable types of video ads.Advertisers may want to work on creating engaging silent ads, but they will also want to work on getting their messages across in less than 10 seconds. No matter the length, whether short-form video less than two minutes, or long-form video that is five to 10 minutes, viewers do not want to watch ads longer than 10 seconds. For short-form, 70 per cent of respondents said they wouldn’t watch an ad longer than 10 seconds aaa prada replica , while for long-form, 49 per cent of respondents said they wouldn’t.Below, additional findings:- 15% of people who prefer watching video on Facebook are viewing on their desktops — more than those who prefer to watch via Snapchat (4%) and Instagram (7%) combined. 26% of people who are infrequent video watchers are usually watching on their desktops.- Frequent video watchers are more amenable to autoplay than less frequent watchers. – 34% of consumers report that mid-roll ads are more annoying than both pre-roll ads and ads that play at the end of a video. – 45% of consumers named muted video ads the most tolerable form of video advertisements, more than any other type. Targeted ads were the second most tolerable type of video ads at 39%.- Respondents in the more mature age group (45-60+) are less likely to skip over video ads than respondents who fall in the 18-29 age group or the 30-44 group.- People who reported they would be willing to spend 30- 60 seconds watching ads for a video are more likely to spend those seconds watching via mobile (60%) vs. desktop (40%). This article is about: United States, Found Remote davidebagnaschino , Video Advertising, Advertising, Brand

Wibbitz video advertising report: consumers prefer short, muted video ads

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