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And there are two 10:00, so one of those has to be AM and the other PM. Other examples : “more cat videos” has to come later in the day than “watch cat videos”, and “head home early” has to come after “go to work” and “lunch break”. And “shower / breakfast” has to be before “go to work” but taking a shower and eating breakfast can easily be done in 8 minutes (7:15 and 7:23) so it may be one of those is AM and the other PM.

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Honestly, this kind of passion, when channeled positively, but also negatively, is what makes elite competition so entertaining to begin with. If this triggers you more than when baseball players (to name one example) either cuss out the umps or get into bench clearing brawls (you know actually physically assaulting people) you should probably think about why that is. Have you considered that maybe Serena Williams is a better judge of what is and isn’t an appropriate response in a US Open Final than reddit? She did what many hyper competitive people would do if they felt they were being treated unfairly, which she was.

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Over the course of the war, major developments advanced the technology used in aircraft. Increased aerodynamics, more durable designs and the interrupting machine gun were all developed during this time. Additionally, the amount of people trained to fly planes during the war had a major shift in the influence of the development of airplanes.