It is extensively used to transport oil workers to the rigs in

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fake hermes belt vs real Just back away, and let it slither away in peace. (One big exception: Eastern Brown Snake. They cunts. The Eurocopter Super Puma is a helicopter used for both civilian and military use which first took to the air in 1978. It is extensively used to transport oil workers to the rigs in the North Sea from the Scottish mainland. The helicopter has been the subject of safety concerns in recent years after a spate of crashes and ditchings.Super Puma helicoptersGearbox of ‘copter which killed 13 men broken after falling from lorry before crashIain Stuart from Laurencekirk was killed when the helicopter came down in Norway in 2016.Super Puma helicoptersOil workers’ fury as boss of killer chopper flies in to air show and boasts about safety measuresAirbus chief executive touched down in controversial Super Puma H225 which has been dogged by offshore tragedies.Super Puma helicoptersOffshore workers’ horror as banned Super Puma helicopters cleared to fly againSuper Pumas have been grounded in the UK and Norway since a crash in April last year off the Scandinavian coast which killed 13 people.Super Puma helicoptersNorth Sea helicopter firm says it will no longer use Super Puma H225s following fatal crashCHC say the decision is based on “customer demand” with the move coming in the wake of the crash in Norway in April that killed a Scottish oil worker.Super Puma helicoptersSurvivors of North Sea helicopter crash awarded compensation totalling nearly 3mNINE oil workers who survived the 2013 crash which killed four people have settled compensation claims worth almost 3million in total.Super Puma helicoptersReport into Norway helicopter crash that killed Scottish oil worker finds ‘sudden catastrophic failure’ELEVEN passengers, including oil worker Iain Stuart from Laurencekirk in Aberdeenshire, and two crew members, were killed after the Super Puma aircraft came down near the city of Bergen.Aberdeen’Mechanical failure’ caused Norway helicopter crash which claimed life of Scots dadTHE crash claimed the lives of 13 passengers and crew when the Super Puma helicopter came down near the city of Bergen.North Sea oilScot understood to be among 13 killed in horror helicopter crash off Norwegian coastTHE Super Puma helicopter was carrying passengers from the Gullfaks B oil field in the North Sea when it came down near the small island of Turoey.Super the best replica bags Puma helicoptersReport into North Sea helicopter crash that killed four people urges pilot trainingTHE AAIB report criticises the crew for failing to notice their airspeed was decreasing until it hermes replica birkin was too late to avoid the crash in 2013.ShetlandShetland helicopter crash: Data ruling over accident which claimed four lives to be challengedTHE British Airline Pilots’ Association is to challenge a judge’s ruling that flight data should be handed to prosecutors, stating that it may not be the ‘correct approach.’Super Puma helicoptersCrown Office takes rare legal action to access voice data from helicopter crash that killed four off ShetlandPUBLIC prosecution investigators wants black box from Super Puma which plunged into sea last August.Super Puma helicoptersOil workers who survived 2012 Shetland helicopter crash in line for compensation after manufacturers accept responsibilityNINETEEN passengers and crew were on board the Super Puma helicopter when it ditched in best hermes evelyne replica the North Sea in October 2012.DumfriesNorth Sea helicopter crash deaths “preventable”The lawyer for the families, Tom Marshall, yesterday called for a “wider public inquiry” and a meeting is being sought with the Lord Advocate.Scottish NewsFamilies of 16 men killed in North Sea helicopter tragedy tell of agony over crash probe delayA FATAL accident inquiry into the Super Puma helicopter tragedy in 2009 was only ordered to start on January 6 this year and the families told of their agony over their wait at a hearing yesterday.Super Puma helicoptersNorth Sea helicopter survivor claims crash four could have been savedSTUART Mathers said offshore workers had not been told about breathing symptoms in their new lifejackets that may have kept his colleagues alive.Super Puma helicoptersNorth Sea helicopter crash: experts raise concerns about pre flight safety briefings on emergency equipmentTHE crash claimed the lives of four oil workers after their Supa Puma helicopter plunged into the sea near Shetland on August 23 last year.Super Puma helicoptersExperts probing fatal helicopter crash off Shetland have called for review of rescue operationsMOVE follows delay in emergency vessel reaching scene where three men and a woman died.George OsborneNorth Sea helicopter disaster: George Osborne pays hermes belt replica uk tribute to the four hermes replica bracelet workers who lost their lives in tragedyA minute’s silence was held for Duncan Munro, George Allison, Sarah Darnley and Gary McCrossan, at the Offshore Europe 2013 conference in Aberdeen today.Super Puma helicoptersOffshore industry bosses recommend Super Puma helicopters should return to the air following latest crashTHE Helicopter Safety Steering Group said the aircraft should be allowed to return to the skies after the crash a week ago which claimed four lives.Super Puma helicoptersNorth Sea helicopter disaster: Flight recorder from doomed aircraft is recoveredCRASH investigators hope that the discovery of the data flight recorder can shed light on the cause of the ditching in the North Sea, which killed four people fake hermes belt vs real.