Is this the only dispute affecting Southern? No the company has

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purse replica handbags The RMT union is striking on Monday, December 19 and Tuesday, December 20, and again from New Year’s Eve to January 2.Why is Southern in favour of driver only operations? Southern say it is perfectly safe for the driver to have sole responsibility for the operation of a modern train, which is how a third of trains up and down the country operate and have done for replica bags philippines greenhills 30 years with the full agreement of Aslef. The rail regulator says it is safe.Say what you think, the company stinks: Mirror Politics briefingHow many passengers, and services, will be affected? Up to 500,000 passengers could be affected and around 300,000 use Southern’s 2,242 services on a weekday.When was the last time so many train services were cancelled? It will be the replica designer bags wholesale worst disruption since a lengthy dispute in the mid 1990s involving signal workers.Is this the only dispute affecting Southern? No the company has been embroiled in a long running row with the Rail, Maritime and Transport union over changes to the role of guards, which has sparked a series of walkouts over the past few months.(Image: Phil Harris/Daily Mirror)Are services being disrupted on non strike days? Southern’s passengers have suffered delays, cancellations and last minute replica bags in uk alterations for months, even when workers are not taking industrial action, with other issues including a shortage of staff, high sickness levels, signal failures and train faults.Have passengers been offered any compensation? The Government has announced that annual season ticket holders will receive a payment equivalent to one month’s travel, with quarterly, monthly and weekly season ticket holders being able to claim an equivalent payment for the ticket type.Are Southern’s fares being frozen because of this year’s disruption? No. replica bags wholesale mumbai Fares on Southern and Gatwick Express both owned by Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) will rise by an average of 1.8% from January 2, in line with other train operators’ annual increases.Reactionary Chris Grayling is doing to railways what he did to prisons and Southern is just the startHow much has the dispute cost Southern? GTR has estimated that the likely combined cost of industrial action, revised timetable and poor performance will be around million for this financial year. purse replica handbags

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