The Interpreter has the main character break into a UN panic

“To do that in a town like St. George, where we have wonderful and beautiful villages, we have an artist community. We’ve got 250 years of history here in the town. In other fics, he’s officially declared guilty of the relatively smaller crimes but, since the time he previously spent in Azkaban is more than the combined sentence one can get for them, he officially already served it. And in an even smaller group, he’s asked to perform community service for a time until the government feels he’s paid his debt to society.In A Murder of Crows, Lawson Russell murders Corvus in cold blood after he discovers Corvus was the killer and had framed him for previous murders. The film ends with Russell being cleared of all murder charges, including the murder of Corvus, even though he did commit that one.The Interpreter has the main character break into a UN panic room and try to murder a head of state with a gun (though she desisted at the last minute).

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