I’m not a Hillary supporter, but I don’t want anyone to suffer

No doubt, the arguments presented here will be distorted by some, and manipulated by others, especially because few people in politics care to scrutinize their own political party. Sadly, these issues are also tools for hate filled people to further their own agendas. As for my writing, the usual ad hominem attacks against me can’t erase history, or Hillary Clinton’s “abysmal” racial justice record, and racism against Obama in 2008..

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cheap moncler jackets sale Today, however, I was on Tim Black’s show cheap moncler regarding Clinton’s health scare in New York and did a follow up segment on my channel as well. Hillary Clinton is now battling pneumonia and I wish only the best for the former Secretary of State. I’m not a Hillary supporter, but I don’t want anyone to suffer health issues and hope for a speedy recovery. cheap moncler jackets sale

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