If you don’t respect the unique temperament of that deity or

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Traditional Hindu temples are run by different sects with each choosing a particular deity in a particular form as their isht dev or devi. They’re not meant as tourist spots for all to come go as they please. If you don’t respect the unique temperament of that deity or find beliefs of a particular sect offensive, you are free to opt for the devata or devi that suits your taste.

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Please see our partners for more details.Reviewed 5 days ago This hotel was wonderful it felt like we were in someones private home. Warm and cosy with large fires burning in various different rooms. Perfect for relaxing after a walk round the beautiful gardens.

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It distracts from the overall experience. The food is fantastic!!!! Signature dishes like the smoked skipjack and hand pulled noodles are a stand out. We had the 9 course menu with paired cocktails and wine but for me the wine did not hit the mark.

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