i used to be a really happy person

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Then there competition on the legend ladder for people that want to push regional top X.Just a visible mmr doesn create a sense of progression because a persons mmr doesn really change much once you play enough games for the replica bags china system to accurately gauge your skill. Whats the point in knowing that you fluctuating between 1032 and 1085 mmr as you play your games?What replica designer bags wholesale the point in having a ladder if most people can climb it?A skill rating that very quickly puts a number on people that doesn really change much will create ladder anxiety / toxic social culture.But having no ladder is not a solution, people want to climb something, feel a sense of progression. That why a system like Hearthstone where part of the ladder is based on number of wins and there monthly resets is a good idea.

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Student nurse here. The most heart breaking case i ever saw was a 2 or 3 year old who was facing all 4 limb amputations because he had meningitis and it entered his bloodstream all because mom didn vaccinate him. His limbs were completely necrotic, he couldn eat (had an NG tube), and stopped speaking.

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