I understand Rare wants to keep out of world elements like UI

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canada goose uk outlet The reward makes up for the challenge trust me you earn enough for your troubles.The reason why volcanoes are so annoying is that while it makes sense, from a game balance perspective, to have some rocks aim for you, they super frustrating because you have to stare at the sky all the time to see them coming, and then you risk stepping on a geyser.I understand Rare wants to keep out of world elements like UI and AoE effects as much as possible out of the game, but I sure they could fix this by adding some sort of shadow/predicted landing area for near miss and on target meteors. Then players could play normally and avoid both geysers and meteors.First, I mostly a solo sloop player and the volcanos are really fun as they are right now. I like the potential “danger”. canada goose uk outlet

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