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Doubtful. I want the main universe Superman to be the one to confront Manhattan anyways. They’re both Supermen (yes I believe Manhattan is way above in power compared to Superman) but I see this confrontation as the ultimate clash of ideals. On what became his final run, in December 1954, Stapp decided to pull out all the stops. Firing nine solid fuel rockets, his sled accelerated to 632 miles per hour in five seconds, slamming him into canada goose outlet belgium two tons of wind pressure, then canada goose outlet miami came to a stop in just over one second. A witness said it was “absolutely inconceivable anybody could go that fast, then just stop, and survive.” But Stapp did in fact, he went on to live another 45 years, dying quietly at home in 1999 at the age of 89 and he experienced a record breaking 46.2 G For an instant, his 168 canada goose outlet near me pound body had weighed over 7,700 pounds..

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