I remembered a movie with Macaulay Culkin “Home Alone” I

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See what exercises will make every bodybuilder, strongman like. It will be deadlifts and squats with a barbell. Somehow these people win all the competitions, so I think they know how to practice, hm? This does not mean that if you perform these exercises it will grow as monsters, and you will przykoksowane.

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It would add realism and texture, and all the other such advantages live action film offers. But that would be more expensive in the long run, would face certain inescapable adaptation restrictions, and my particular gripe with live action is the fact that the 16 books in the series span probably 12 years and there no way they can cover that easily. You can introduce Molly at age 13 14 and have her grow into her early 20s like in the book (unless they find a set of sisters aged 12, 16, 20 and just keep switching them every so many seasons).

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