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The obscenity squad had no problem with the play, which was staged at the National Theatre, but Whitehouse (who refused to even watch the offending show) was persistent. The director, Michael Bogdanov, was issued with a writ accusing him of having “procured an act of gross indecency” on the stage, under the Sexual Offences Act of 1956. But at a trial at the Old Bailey in 1982, the case collapsed spectacularly.

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“I’d say maybe eight of the items on our menu account for 40 to 50 percent of our sales,” Bevans says. “But each location is somewhat different. We look for locales that aren’t saturated with something similar and then we look at how to make ours stand out.

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I’m sure it’s something you’ve been monitoring and thinking about how serious is this threat in the next couple of weeks?yeah, chuck. This is the number one priority of the counterterrorism community right now. I don’t think. The Second Circuit noted that the employer, as a result of a far reaching investigation by the New York Attorney General (AG) and related guilty pleas, had seen its stock price plunge and was the focus of numerous private civil lawsuits. In broad overview, the AG was asserted to have indicated that he would not criminally prosecute the employer if the employer would cooperate, including waiving (giving up) any attorney client privilege in the contents of the employer’s internal cheap canada goose uk investigation. In this context, the employees in question refused to be interviewed by their employer.