Hundreds of Ryanair flights cancelled over September and

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Stella McCartney Handbags In all other cases, you won’t be.Hundreds of Ryanair flights cancelled over September and October your rights if your holiday is affectedYour right to a refund or alternative flight Following confirmation that you flight has been cancelled, you are entitled to a refund of the ticket or to be booked onto an alternative flight.There are some important rules surrounding this as follows:Ryanair must inform you of all the next alternative flights available (including flights with other airlines).The alternative flights must be of ‘comparable transport conditions’ meaning you must be offered the same class of travel.It is entirely at your discretion as to whether to choose a refund or alternative flight Ryanair cannot make the choice for you. It cannot provide an automatic refund, and must allow you to consider all of the relevant alternative Falabella Replica Bags flights before making your election.If you elect to be re routed on an alternative flight and the ticket on the new flight is a greater price than the original Ryanair ticket, Ryanair have the responsibility for paying the difference not you.How to escalate your complaint If you feel that you’ve been short changed by Ryanair, the first step is to contact their customer services department and make a formal complaint.If they i) provide you with a response rejecting your complaint (otherwise known as a ‘deadlock’ letter or ii) fail to respond within eight weeks, you can file a complaint with AviationADR.This service is free to consumers and can be accessed online here, via telephone 0203 540 8063 or by post Stella McCartney Handbags.