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Hungary is currently looking to scrub out brands using totalitarian symbols a phenomenon which has brought Dutch lager brand Heineken under the microscope.The brands red star is under review via the proposed law that would cull imagery such as the communist star from being displayed in the interests of domestic public order and public morality, reports the Financial Times.Heineken has responded to the bill claiming that it uses the red star in all the territories it is active its logo predates the red star associated with communism although in the 1950s it did drop the red until 1991 and the fall of the USSR, largely to avoid any negative connotations it is only just now being connected with. Heineken The company issued a statement defending its trademark: Naturally, the red Heineken star has no political meaning whatsoever and we use the same brand symbols across the world, in every market.We will closely monitor this local matter, and hope and trust that this matter will be resolved soon.It describes its star as marking the five ingredients of its beer:- water replica designer bags davidebagnaschino.it , barley, hops and yeast and the magic of brewing.The company is entrenched in Europe as a premium lager – its Champions League partnership ensures it a global reach too.On its digital plan, the company said: “Snapchat’s audience is too young for us.” Instead it relies on Instagram where there’s an older audience and more importantly, one within a drinking age.This article is about: World, Heineken, Advertising, Legal, Brand

Heineken distances its red star logo from communism amid potential Hungary ban

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