He was found dead in a river at North Carolina

8 Alternative Health Practitioners Have Died In Suspicious Circumstances

Within only the last few weeks some 8 alternative health practitioners canada goose outlet mississauga (mainly in Florida) have died in somewhat suspicious circumstances while another 5 have gone missing. He was found dead in a river at North Carolina. Said to have received a self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest canada goose stockists uk his death was ruled as suicide. canada goose outlet store uk However, his family insist that there had been foul play and there was much more than meets the eye canada goose uk to the storey. They are campaigning for an investigation.

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Other deaths include Florida chiropractors Doctors Baron Holt and Bruce Hendendal, causes of death unknown. Doctors Ronald Swartz and Theresa Sievers who were both found murdered in Florida. Lisa Riley https://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org an osteopath in Lee county Georgia had received a gunshot wound to the head, Amanda Crews in Modesto California was murdered with others in her home and Nicholas Gonzalez an alternative cancer practitioner who died of a heart attack.

Having said that it too early to make any firm conclusions on the deaths or disappearances at the time of writing this, but if there has been foul play then how low can it get even by Big Pharma standards? Who next on the practitioner assassination list.?

Whatever truth that comes out of this we know that the big boys of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment have quite a history in silencing dissenters and closing down premises that belonged to humanitarian alternative natural health based practitioners with their highly effective treatment that saved lives. Will Big Pharma stop at anything?

canada goose clearance Yes, it all about revenue streaming profits NOT health. Remember, Big Pharma is in the sickness industry, not health. They don want customers cured because a healthy person means no more business. So they have to keep coming up with treatment that only takes care of the symptoms leaving the underlying root cause untouched which means the illness will keep returning. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats Further, Big Pharma wants to mandate non judicial drugs for everything. canada goose coats

It has been said that the spate of these suspicious deaths has much to do with Big Pharma targeting those who have spoken out against the vaccination agenda while questioning the efficacy of vaccines and also those advocating GcMAF cancer cure treatment as a replacement for chemotherapy. GcMAF together with a careful diet has produced quite significant results not only as a cancer cure but also for also treating autism.

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canada goose store GcMAF is a protein naturally made in the body by healthy individuals and has some 21 health benefits. For about 50 different diseases to manifest they have to disable the body ability to make this protein (cancer disease and autism being examples). The diseases produce an enzyme called nagalase which inhibits the body natural ability to produce GcMAF (the enzyme destroys the precursor to GcMAF) which results in chronic illness over time. canada goose store

Canada Goose Jackets So the solution is to fight the diseases by treating the body with GcMAF. The nagalase enzyme cannot destroy this GcMAF treatment so it goes on to wipe out the disease and canada goose outlet montreal reverse the condition. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Online Practitioner Doctor David Noakes had successfully used GcMAF treatment and was able to produce some amazing results for cancer treatment. The records of his research show that 77% of cancer patients (terminal, stage 4) had life canada goose outlet winnipeg saving tumour reductions. Around 25% of these patients were sent home to recover. Canada Goose cheap canada goose jacket Online

Canada Goose online What made this GcMAF therapy so special was that it produced the most effective results ever for treating terminal, stage 4 cancer patients! Canada Goose online

However, Noakes Switzerland based practice was raided and shut down by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment through using misguided representation and falsification.

And did Big Pharma have any interest at all in GcMAF canada goose discount uk therapy? Of course they didn

Standing up for our medical rights

canada goose black friday sale Whatever the details are of the circumstances surrounding, one thing for sure. Alternative practitioners and their dissenting has indeed turned into an extremely risky occupation with the medical/pharmaceutical establishment attempts to destroy the character, medical practices through fraudulent misrepresentation as in the case of Doctor David Noakes for GcMAF and even the possible taking of the lives of people. canada goose black friday sale

Between the establishment attempts to introduce forced vaccinations, criminalizing dissent and the suppression of life saving alternative health cures for disease, it time to stand up for our medical rights.

Could canada goose outlet houston the PharMafia be shooting themselves in the foot? The more pain, suffering and death they cause through their suppressive agenda the more people become abundantly aware, react and expose the truth. canada goose outlet jackets There are more of us than them so the solution is not only for practitioners to speak out loud to get a public profile but for the rest of us to spread the word and take appropriate action.