Fortunately, a friend of mine now works in a social prevention

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We were told to “say no to cigarettes and drugs” during social prevention programs at elementary school, I even remember canada goose outlet uk how we trained model situation of refusing Canada Goose online a drug or everyone had to canada goose outlet canada say why they wouldn ever smoke a cigarette. canada goose outlet store Needless to say those who insisted on uk canada goose outlet never starting smoking the strongest started smoking as the first. Fortunately, a friend of mine now works in a social prevention Canada Goose Coats On Sale program and told me they no canada goose clearance longer use “say no to” policy.

However, nobody would dare to teach anyone to say canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet parka no to alcohol here in Czechia canada goose outlet in usa because that would be bordering a high treason (/s). We were rather taught to drink responsibly both by school and by parents. One such advice that I learnt at school and use until today is: “When you drunk at canada goose outlet nyc a party, don canada goose outlet jackets enjoy it there but think that when you get another drink, you enjoy it more, canada goose outlet black friday it time canadian goose jacket to go home.”

A TV reporter visits a sala to shoot something about baa life. He did an interview with the baa and everything went well so at the end of the interview, he asks the baa to tell him a story with a happy ending to close canada goose outlet buy canada goose jacket online canada goose uk black friday the interview.

The baa says: “Three years ago, Canada Goose Online a sheep got lost in canada goose factory sale the mountains. We searched her canada goose outlet uk sale with other baas for three days and when we finally found her, we were so happy we all fucked her.

The canada goose reporter is canada goose outlet shocked and says: “That terrible! I sorry but we cannot air this at the television. Tell me rather another story with a happy canada goose outlet toronto factory ending.”

So the baa starts: “Well well, so two years ago a Canada Goose Parka ram got lost in the mountains. This time not only baas but the whole village in the valley searched for him. And when we finally found him after a week, we were so happy we all fucked him!”

The reporter sighs and realises this leads nowhere so he asks the baa: “We cannot air this at the television either. What if you would tell me canada goose outlet shop rather a sad story instead?”

The baa Canada Goose sale looks down at the ground and starts sadly: “Well, last year, I got lost in the mountains.”

I the first left handed person in my lineage canada goose uk outlet who remained being left handed. My mum, my grandpa, and my great grandmother for all I know were all re educated.

At elementary school, uk canada goose I remember other canada goose canada goose jacket outlet store uk kids often watching me curiously when I did something with my left handed and pointing out in disbelief how I could do that but rather out canada goose outlet sale of curiosity than out of malice. Teachers sometimes tried to correct me that I was holding something wrong but then apologised when they remembered I was left handed and left me be.

My parents on the other hand tried to be generally canada goose factory outlet helpful but were often clueless about how to teach me things “in the opposite way” and either did things clumsily with their left hands to show me or brought up my handedness in things where it imho didn matter like learning how to tie shoes or how to ride a bike which was sometimes a canada goose store bit confusing.

Regarding the language part, yes, Czech canada goose coats language follows cheap Canada Goose the pattern right = good goose outlet canada or correct, left = bad or clumsy. There are idioms such as mt ob ruce canada goose clearance sale lev (“to have both hands left” = being clumsy), bt na nco lev (to be left handed at something” = to be bad at something) or levk (“a leftie” = an untrustworthy person). I personally don mind.