For those who participate in the political and governing

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That downtown area sort of became the center point the meeting area for so many in this community who work. Hoping to find answers. About Molly and where she was hoping this would come back alive. Actually, the film was shot in just 13 days, but after that we ran out of money. Anurag has produced the film and we had to beg, borrow and steal to fund this movie. A lot of production houses liked the script but nobody wanted to produce it.

For Monero it took 1.02 years to mine 40%. I know nothing will be done about it (social contract blah blah blah) but miners are feeling the pain, which for me at least, means I forced to hodl what little I earned through mining in hopes of an increase in price. Had the emission curve been less one sided, the cripple mine in the beginning would be less of an issue.

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