Firefighters responded to the fire around 12

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Replica Bags Wholesale The bodies of Keith Caneiro, 50, his wife Jennifer Caneiro, 45, and their son and daughter were discovered after their $1.5million Colts Neck home went up in flames on Tuesday.It is not yet clear if the bodies found inside the home had died from gunshot wounds or were killed in the fire, which is being investigated as an arson.It remains unknown if Caneiro’s gunshot wound was self inflicted, butMonmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said there was not threat to the public.Prosecutors would not reveal whether a weapon was found or if the deaths are being investigated as a murder suicide.Firefighters responded to the fire around 12.45pm on Tuesday. Video showed smoke pouring from the roof while the mansion was ablaze.Video showed smoke pouring from the roof while the mansion was ablaze. A sheet, seemingly covering Caneiro’s body, could also be seen in the middle of the yard next to replica bags review the houseA sheet, seemingly covering Caneiro’s body, could also be seen in the middle of the yard next to the housewith police tape cordoning off the area.ONE DAY, TWO FIRES 5am: A fire is reported at the Ocean Township home of Paul Caneiro, Keith Caneiro’s brother12pm: A neighbor replica bags los angeles said Paul and his wife Susan remained at the home until around noon and were ‘devastated’12.30pm: A blaze is reported at Keith Caneiro’s home in Colts Neck, 10 miles away2pm: Firefighters were still working to control the blaze at Keith Caneiro’s home hours later4pm: Police reveal at a press conference they are investigating the second blaze as an arsonAdding to the mystery surrounding the mansion blaze is the fact that Caneiro’s brother’s home caught on fire just hours beforehand.A blaze was reported at the home of Paul Caneiro and his wife Susan Caneiro around 5am on Tuesday morning.Caneiro’s brother’s home is located in Ocean Township, just about 10 miles away from Colts Neck.A neighbor said they saw Paul and Susan at their home shortly after the fire broke out.They said Paul ‘appeared to be upset and left a short time after’.’He said it must have been a gas leak, he had tears in his eyes Replica Bags Wholesale.