Fergie’s, the quintessential bar on Sansom Street near 12th,

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Oh, God, by Anat Gov. Directed by Michael Bloom. Set, Jonathan Dahm Robertson; lights, Brittany Shemuga; costumes, Kelsey Hunt; sound design, Roc Lee. If a majority of City Council lacks the desire to lead on these issues, it falls to others in our community to pressure them to follow. We can hold out the actions of Minneapolis and its peers as evidence that change, while difficult, canada goose victoria uk is possible. And we can use these models to remind our elected leaders that bold action on housing and environment is the new and necessary normal for progressive cities..

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canada goose uk black friday Owners usually look at the challenges with dread and anger. Fergie’s, the quintessential bar on Sansom Street near 12th, endured about two years of construction as a high rise apartment buildingwas erected over and around it. Rather than complain, owner Fergus Carey this week chose to look at the bright side: “I will have a village of 500 [customers] living above me.”. canada goose uk black friday

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