Fanservice: At an average rate of 3

The season also had some controversy when newcomer Morrigan used her magic to help win the EDBW Women’s Championship from the popular Sophitia Alexandra. Finally, Eddie succeeded in his mission to wrest the title from Liquid’s hands in the main event of the show, essentially saving the division. After the credits however, it was revealed that Monokuma is in league with someone else, and thus beginning Phase 2 of their plan..

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Les amnagements furent sans doute termins sous la direction de l’architecte Guillaume Martin Couture, dont le frre, Joseph Abel, avait travaill pour Legendre de Villemorien dans son chteau de Valenay. Aprs la mort de Legendre de Villemorien, sa veuve se remaria avec le baron Grimaldi et quitta l’htel. Sa fille, la vicomtesse de Brenger, qui occupait dj avec son mari l’appartement du second tage, hrita de l’htel tandis que son frre recevait le chteau de Valenay.

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