Fannie and Freddie have already swallowed $111 billion in

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Replica Handbags Now, I’m not saying that Michael Williams and Ed Haldeman, Fannie and Freddie’s chief executives, won’t earn their money by losing less than we fear. In fact, I’d argue that punitive limitations on TARP recipient pay is actually counterproductive to the government’s interest in almost all cases. Fannie and Freddie have already swallowed $111 billion in taxpayer money, plus a multiple of that in new federal financial guarantees. 2010’s loan losses are expected to be so bad that $200 billion is not out of the question. So saving us a few billion of it is certainly worth something. But my real point here is that this is a very good time to remind the public that it didn’t have to be this way. Had President Bush had his way in 2003 with the two GSEs, it is doubtful we would now be suffering 10 percent unemployment and having a quarter of all homeowners owing more on their house than it’s worth. Replica Handbags

wholesale replica designer handbags Zimmerman’s life was not in any danger when he willfully left his car while armed with a pistol, to follow an unarmed 17 year old. While he alleges he fired his pistol once in self defense after a fight with Trayvon, there was no trace of Martin’s DNA found on George Zimmerman, and there was no trace of Zimmerman’s DNA found on Martin. What with all the lacerations to Zimmerman’s head and a broken nose, one would think there would have been at least a hint of a DNA exchange. The only rational explanation for how George Zimmerman was able to claim self defense and get off scot free while Marissa Alexander, who was in actual physical danger, was sentenced to 20 years, is that Zimmerman’s father is a retired judge. Zimmerman had privilege on his side. Alexander did not. But the Martin/Zimmerman case is just one example of our two sided justice system wholesale replica designer handbags.