In fact, that fine was not related to a Title IX

You keep it alive for what reason because you don’t have the heart to put it out of its misery even though that is exactly the right thing to do. Well, you don’t have to personally do it but it should be done. Any person that finds him/herself living outside of society’s norms and preys upon women and children sexually needs to be put to death.

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Wholesale replica bags In July, a group called Know Your IX rallied in front of the Department of Education and presented Under Secretary of Education Martha Kanter with 115,471 signatures on a proposal calling for better enforcement of federal laws protecting students from sexual assault.At the conclusion of the recent federal investigation of Yale, the university agreed to produce periodic reports and to “continue to improve and publicize university resources and programming aimed at responding to and preventing sexual harassment and violence.” In the same position earlier this year, the University of Montana agreed to broaden the standard for what constitutes sexual harassment to encourage reporting.But neither university has cracked down on offenders as severely as student activists would like, which further complicates the discussion of methods for ridding universities of sexual misconduct. The necessary step in fighting harassment on campuses may be a policy change, an enforcement change or even a cultural change, but one thing is for certain: Any lasting improvement will need the full support of students, administrators, and the federal government.Correction:An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Yale was required to pay a fine as a result of the Title IX Investigation. In fact, that fine was not related to a Title IX investigation, but to issues dating back a decade relating to the Clery Act. Wholesale replica bags

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