Even though this time, he not the greatest guy himself

Well, not really. But that was the marketing line. And a genius one at that. Rose Amazone takes the tartness and the fruit up a notch with a sweet rose and a grapfruit twist. It’s a beautiful compositional effect. The sweetness is in the flower, not the fruit, and the perfume avoids any syrupy cocktail y comparisons This is a fruity floral for those who who managed to steer clear of the fruity florals of the gourmand/dessert era.

Blessed with Suck: The Director’s Cut adds quirks similar to Fallout’s Trait system; in game mechanics the character trades one thing for another. In universe, most of the traits are mental defects or physical deformities for which the character has compensated. A few of them are so bad one must wonder how the character survived the walk to Citadel in the first place, let alone making it through training.

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It also turns out that her birth name is actually Donna (Hinckley), which she had coincidentally taken as part of her “Donna Troy” alias due to not knowing her birth name. Then came Who Is Wonder Girl?: Donna was saved from the fire that killed her assumed parents not by Wonder Woman, but by a Titan named Rhea. She was raised among 12 orphans from all over the universe, on a planet named New Cronus by the other Titans, as “Titan Seeds” that the Titans believed would one day save them.

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