“English is likely to be their fourth of fifth language and

Despite efforts from the government beachcottageb.ca and financial firms to increase analyst independence, Rocker said most analysts are still up against incredible pressures to write positive reports.For an analyst, is a lot easier if you positive than if you negative, Rocker said, citing various reasons why shareholders, company managers, investment bankers and commercial bankers would like to see positive research reports. Even the government, Rocker said, benefits from higher capital gains tax revenue when stocks move higher.these already asymmetric pressures you now add the threat of litigation, he added, in remarks to the CFA Institute Annual Conference of financial analysts and portfolio managers in New York.As one of a small number of managers to specialise in short selling in the hedge fund industry, Rocker, a Harvard graduate, has been sued, turned away at meetings, banned from conference calls and accused of being at the centre of a conspiracy to drive prices of some stocks down.Overstock filed a lawsuit in 2005 claiming stock research firm Gradient Analytics Inc., of Scottsdale, Arizona, conspired with short sellers, including Rocker Partners, to drive down its share price by issuing negative research reports. Securities and Exchange Commission ended its probe into Gradient in February, and said it would take no action.had already given Overstock its lowest possible rating before we established a short position, Rocker said in defence of his firm.But recently, similar lawsuits against short sellers have been filed by Canadian drug company Biovail Corp.Rocker called those suits images of the Overstock suit, and questioned whether such lawsuits create disincentives for analysts to write about stocks that may be candidates for short selling.A spokesman for Overstock countered that suggestion, saying the company is only opposed to inaccurate research.is confusing the issue, said Jonathan Johnson, senior vice president of legal at Overstock.

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