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I am having a good time watching it. I understand that you aren’t, but it doesn’t mean canada goose outlet nyc that it Canada Goose Outlet is a cash canada goose outlet uk grab, Canada Goose Coats On Sale well no more of a cash grab than any commercial product. If you don’t official canada goose outlet want to watch canada goose outlet shop it that’s fine. You don’t Canada Goose sale have to like a series canadian goose jacket for the entirety of buy canada goose jacket cheap its canada goose uk black friday run. It is okay canada goose outlet in usa to drop a series if you don’t like it anymore or the direction it is canada goose outlet uk sale going. All Canada Goose Parka that I ask is that you let those of us who are still watching do so in peace and not make us feel wrong uk canada goose for doing so.

Are you comparing Naruto capacity to canada goose outlet online Toneri attack or Canada Goose Jackets the moon busting cannon? Regardless, we don have a metric to directly compare chakra capacities, so unless you have a direct source thats straight speculation.

Naruto directly tanking a moon busting attack without Six Paths Sage Mode

Two things wrong with canada goose black friday sale this, the first being that Toneri attack was not a moon busting attack. It canada goose outlet cut the moon in half, canada goose factory outlet canada goose coats but moon busting level are attacks that completely destroy the target, Roshi blowing up the moon in canada goose clearance sale DB. Additionally, the moon was mostly hollow, meaning that the vast majority of the mass was just air, making it canada goose outlet new york city much easier to cut through.

Second, sure Naruto wasn using SOSP mode canada goose outlet black friday but he did focus the entirety canada goose clearance of his Nine Tails chakra cloak into one single hand to canada goose black friday sale make a shield tough enough to stop that canada goose outlet toronto factory attack. Either way, a techniques defensive capabilities aren really indicative of the users destructive capabilities.

Sasuke slapping Kinshiki who was said to canada goose factory sale be able to split worlds

IIRC sasuke fought him to a draw and then fled, so idk if that a fair way to describe that fight. And I may be canada goose outlet reviews forgetting but I pretty sure they just said Kinshiki conquered worlds not literally split them. So do you have goose outlet canada a canada goose outlet sale cheap Canada Goose source on where that was stated?

them being able to fight Kaguya who cheap canada goose uk had enough chakra to destroy her world

They did only manage to beat her because they were given a hax level sealing justu from the SOSP and she has the battle IQ of a brick, otherwise they would gotten absolutely destroyed.

Madara creating a wood style canada goose jacket outlet jutsu so canada goose outlet canada goose coats on sale parka massive it buy canada goose jacket could encompass the Canada Goose online entire Shinobi world and sap away their chakra while keeping them in a genjutsu

While the scale of this attack is impressive and probably one of the largest shows of power in the entire series, its a bit of a reach canada goose outlet store uk canada goose outlet uk to say that canada goose uk shop someone can create plants to cover the canada goose uk outlet surface of a planet implies they have the power to literally destroy that planet.

Kaguya and maybe merged Momoshiki have valid cases for being planetary level but literally no one else has shown feats near that level. There definitely is a middle ground between “Mountain level” and planetary level, which is where I think Naruto and Sasuke fall into.

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I’m comparing Naruto powering up more than 100 Shinobi to 3 times their chakra back in the war with just half the Nine Tails to the 100 Shinobi it took to power a cannon that canada goose was gonna teleport and destroy the moon. The moon busting feat, I mean whatever. Toneri still had the power to send the moon down to destroy the earth. The Kaguya point is literally irrelevant because at the end of the canada goose store canada goose outlet online uk day, Kaguya was still that damn powerful chakra wise, and it’s canada goose outlet canada not like Naruto and Sasuke lost their Six Paths powers. And I mean it’s not like Madara was about to just pass out or anything or even be slightly fatigued after doing the Divine Deep Forest Emergence. He was still about to fight Naruto and Sasuke and most likely would’ve won.

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Naruto’s chakra reserves exceeding the amount it takes canada goose outlet store to blow up the moon by at least 3 times, Naruto directly tanking a moon busting attack without Six Canada Goose Online Paths canada goose outlet jackets Sage Mode, them being able to fight Kaguya who had enough chakra to destroy her world, Sasuke slapping Kinshiki who was said to be able to split worlds, and Madara creating a wood style jutsu so massive it could encompass the entire Shinobi world and sap away their chakra while keeping them in a genjutsu. I’m actually tired of all these “Mountain Level” downplays lmao. They just come from someone who’s never actually researched Naruto lore and just sees shit from like video games and shit.