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Often he’s wrong since most dreams are a confusing array of colors rather than anything stable and coherent, except for Black: Is 100% nightmares and daydreams when a Dream Demon tries to take over a host or is already in one. Cool Old Guy: Isana’s dad, who frequently dispenses random philosophy cum life advice to those who happen to be passing. See also Good Scars, Evil Scars.

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Chanel, which is famously held up as an e skeptic because it tiptoed into e commerce only this year, fell just below the “gifted” ranking into “average” but it topped that group at No. 26. Beating such other “average” names as Alexander Wang (No. Sticky Fingers: Running Gag Emelind keeps pilfering Finn’s accessories. It’s a fairy thing. Suspiciously Specific Denial: Finn is not an elf, it’s a curse making him seem like one, now move along, the library is closing, there’s a good troper! Tsundere: Emelind and Finn, for each other.

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Played for laughs at the ending, where they fake ditching the duo. Combat Pragmatist: Columbus, with his Boring, but Practical approach to killing zombies (“Double Tap”) and his strict list of rules for survival. Also Tallahassee, for whom anything can serve as a melee weapon, be it chainsaw, hedge clippers or a freakin’ banjo.

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