Chavo, wanting to be fresh for the next match (and really

Wholesale replica bags Zone Angel and Zone Junior will often help their brother recharge when he is running low on energy by shooting a beam into the capsule on the tip of his head crest or by using their aircraft called Smokey to fire a replacement capsule after the current one falls off. Zone Great, the grandpa, will sometimes help by pulling a lever which will send his energy into the sky and rain down on an attacking kaiju as a lighting bolt called the Thunder Bolt. The family friend Hideaki Obara is only human but will also lend a hand in stopping the Garoga.

Wholesale replica bags Instant 180 Degree Turn: On the Wii version, quickly tilting the nunchuk left will do this. Involuntary Group Split: Keegan and his squad are split up at the start of Operation Neptune when the glider transporting them crashes. It’s Raining Men: The Game. Wholesale replica bags

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Stevie Ray faced Chavo Guerrero Jr., with the stipulation that if Chavo didn’t win the match, he had to face Eddie Guerrero in a “loser gets their head shaved” match immediately following. Chavo, wanting to be fresh for the next match (and really wanting to get to Eddie after weeks of abuse at his hands) offers Stevie a pre match handshake and immediately taps out once a shocked looking Stevie takes his hand. Chavo would proceed to lose to Eddie and shave his own head, then try to shave Eddie’s head while shrieking, “WE CAN BE TWINS, EDDIE!” Epic Fail: The January 4th 1999 episode of Nitro was the one where WCW arguably made two of their biggest ever mistakes literally back to back.

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