Some car rental companies have one or two limousines in Los

He rejected advice from Paul Krugman and other economists to take over the banks and to expand the stimulus to help unemployment recover more rapidly months ago. In June, when Apriil Ryan of American Urban Radio asked him at a news conference what he would do to the bloodletting in the black unemployment rate, he avoided the left proposals for WPA type jobs just as he did in his economic speech at Brookings. He carefully answered Ryan: best thing I can do for whatever community is to get the economy moving again. many people poured their own beliefs into Obama during his campaign without paying careful attention to his record and what he said. His rhetoric will emphasize whatever the polls tell him to emphasize but the policy hasn drifted. However, to be sure, the Democratic Party should benefit electorally in 2010 from a perception that Democrats in Congress and the President are becoming centrists whatever the reality.

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