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“Yuri is a blessed thing. And finally, those strong emotional bonds before which no hardship is an insurmountable obstacle. Yuri works traditionally focus either on romantic or sexual feelings, but increasingly have both. Naturally, they fail to tell Negi their plan, so he freaks out when he’s suddenly pulled underwater and attacked by sharks. As such, he attacks a shark with Martial Arts, only to find that the shark knows Kung Fu. The plan fails miserably, by the way..

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The main plotline of Mario Luigi: Partners in Time. Aliens invade the past Mushroom Kingdom, causing mass destruction and taking over the castle. But the only effect this has on the present Mushroom Kingdom is the time portals that suddenly appear in the otherwise intact castle.

Redemption Equals Death: The end of Terminal Redux. Religion Rant Song: “Dark Creations, Dead Creators” could qualify as a type 2. Signature Style: Are you listening to a thrash song with lots of tempo changes, riffs that go from blackened tremolo passages to strange, dissonant chords, extended quiet passages, neoclassical leadwork, and vocals that sound like a more nasally Schmier from Destruction? If so, it’s definitely Vektor, as no one else sounds quite like them.

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Bat Deduction: Deathstroke looking at Talia’s breasts causes him to instantly deduce the Lazarus Pit’s location as an oil rig off the coast of England via coconuts. Black Comedy Rape: Klarion’s description of what he was going to do to Kid Flash in the Call Forward. Red Hood threatens Ra’s Al Ghul with this as well.

Fake Designer Bags Humans are social animals. We depend on the tribe for our welfare, even our survival. Think about it. Royals Who Actually Do Something: Phelios, Duzell (being the Vampire King and all) and, depending on your definition of “something”, Ishtar. Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: Ishtar, every so often, puts her foot down. This is the result Fake Designer Bags.