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kept shackled in foul CA home

I work for CPS and I can say this is canada goose uk shop the language we use. “No reasonable explaination” is used pretty canada goose uk black friday often in canada goose black friday sale our investigations. Since this post has over 500 upvotes, I going to Canada Goose online throw out when to report abuse.DO NOT wait until canada goose outlet uk sale you believe you have evidence of abuse. That is OUR job, canada goose outlet toronto factory and, very unfortunately, I cheap canada goose uk probably won be able cheap Canada Goose to use your evidence anyway.Call your state child abuse hotline when you notice any bruising on a child that looks suspicious. their forearms, stomach, thighs, canada goose coats on sale neck, or their cheeks. canada goose jacket outlet Bruises canada goose outlet black friday on boney areas are generally caused by bumps).Call us if a child has constant buy canada goose jacket lice or bug bites.Call us if a child relates there canada goose outlet in usa is no food in the home.Call us if a child canada uk canada goose goose black friday canadagooseoutlete sale is acting out sexually.Call us if a child relates that they are homeless.Call us if a child relates their parents hit them on the head, with a fist, or choke them.Call us if you official canada goose outlet have reason to canada goose outlet new york city believe there is canada goose outlet store uk domestic violence or drug use in canada goose factory outlet the home.Call us if a child states they feel unsafe in their home.If you wait until you can canada goose outlet shop provide me evidence, it may lead a child to be in an unsafe situation. The above list does not include canada goose outlet sale every reason you canada goose outlet nyc should call Child Services. If canada goose outlet parka you ever find yourself questioning if canada goose a child is unsafe, Canada Goose Online it our canada goose store job to find out. If you feel as though a child life canadian goose jacket is immediate danger, always call the police and canada goose clearance they will contact us.Our goal is not to break up families, or canada goose outlet canada anything like that. It to provide families with every service available in order to succeed. You can report anonymously.I tried to answer canada goose outlet reviews as many Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet uk questions as possible, but I tired now.Thank you to everyone who canada goose outlet sale said kind words uk canada goose outlet to me. Canada Goose Outlet I love my job and this buy canada goose jacket cheap thread has given me the energy to push on!To those asking me if they should report something, think about it. If you canada goose coats concerned enough to ask an internet stranger whether or not you should call it in, go ahead and canada goose outlet call it in. Hotline workers will take the report and it their job to decide if Canada Goose Jackets it meets criteria for investigation. So goose outlet canada any concerns, call it in.I also note that someone brought up a real concern for those that are empoverished and how I might be recommending you report them. I am, canada goose outlet jackets specifically for the fact that we don blame or punish people for being canada goose clearance sale poor. We offer services to help them. This would be treating the home for bugs, expediting a food stamps application, providing clothing for children, buying bus passes, or even paying a one time utility bill. It our job to ensure children and families have every service canada goose uk outlet available to them at their disposal. But if you wait until you think it bad enough, there probably other stuff already going on at home we could canada goose outlet online uk have helped with.To the people who are sending me unkind words, I hope that whatever has hurt you in the past will heal and that canada goose factory sale one Canada Goose Coats On Sale day you learn that hurting others around you isn going to make you feel canada goose outlet online better. I believe in the purpose of my agency and I believe we do Canada Goose Parka good. Whatever actually occurred, the Court is now faced with the daunting task of deciphering their submissions. With Big Chief tablet readied, thick black pencil in hand, and a devil may care canada goose outlet store laugh in the face of death, life on the razor edge sense of exhilaration, the Court begins.