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However, just because the words are used as synonyms doesn’t mean they always should be. If you use the wrong word around a biologist, ornithologist, or naturalist, you will probably make him or her cringe. Therefore, if you want to use the proper terminology, use the word “vulture” when talking about a scavenging canada goose outlet washington dc bird with a sharp beak and a (usually) bald head, and “buzzard” when you’re talking about a bird from the Buteo canada goose outlet toronto genus, such as the Common Buzzard..

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There was a different vibe and feel when Ben wasn’t around. That’s unfortunate. That’s hockey.”. Drugs? canada goose outlet sale Most of ‘em are illegal, and having the blues in prison is a serious bummer. Prescription drugs are OK, I suppose, but they’re so cliched. And speaking of cliched, if you’d ever seen the songs I write when I had the blues, you’d know why I don’t write songs anymore..

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