But beneath the tough language was buried another message: she

It was one of the first “vampires but I made them sort of good guys” books I read, and it was amazing. They had entire arcs dedicated to the issue of immortality, there was warring factions and weird inter demensional beings. It was honestly great. It did not work, I fell asleep. My mother saw the light and came in to see what was up. She saw I was sleeping fully dressed and i apparently sleep talked and confessed her I was going to sneak out.

Ysl replica She is not the first leader to suffer a setback abroad and then come home to deliver a belligerent speech to their domestic audience.But beneath the tough language was buried another message: she hasn’t given up on ysl pin replica Chequers yet.Here’s her speech and its sub text dissected:(Image: Getty Images Europe)What she said: “I have always said that these negotiations would be tough and they were always bound to be toughest in the final straight.”While both sides want a deal, we have to face up to the fact that despite the progress we have made there are two big issues where we remain a long way apart.”What it means: Theresa May is clearly replica ysl sac de jour stung by how badly her meeting with EU leaders in Salzburg went.She had hoped to get an endorsement for her Chequers plan but it was met with outright rejection.Deranged Theresa May looked like a PM attending her own political funeral: MAGUIREWhat she said: “The EU is still only offering us two options.”The first option would involve the UK staying in the European Economic Area and a customs union with the EU.”In plain English, this would mean we’d still have to abide by all the EU rules, uncontrolled immigration from the EU would continue and we couldn’t do the trade deals we want with other countries.”That would make a mockery of the referendum we ysl replica bags uk had two years ago.”What it means: This is a reference to the Norway option where would stay in the single market and customs union but have no say on the rules and would have to accept freedom of movement.At the heart of this is her interpretation of the referendum result as being a protest vote against immigration.Why a second referendum is the only way out of this Brexit mess: FLEET STREET FOXWhat she said: “The second option would be a basic free trade agreement for Great Britain that would introduce checks at the Great Britain/EU border. But even worse, Northern Ireland would effectively remain in the Customs Union and parts of the Single Market, permanently separated economically from the rest of the UK by a border down the Irish Sea.”What it means: This her summary of the Canada model. In December the Prime Minister agreed with the EU that if no alternative solution can be found then Northern Ireland will stay in the customs union and single market.But Mrs May says she will “never agree” to this and claims it would be contrary to the Good Friday Agreement.She could have added it is deeply opposed by the DUP who she relies upon to stay in power.What she said: “Anything which fails to respect the referendum or which effectively divides our country in two ysl replica review would be a bad deal and I have always said no deal is better than a bad deal.”What it means: This is a piece of brinkmanship by the Prime Minister. Ysl replica

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