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high quality replica handbags Prolonged restraint and a failure to provide basic medical attention contributed to the death of a student who was detained under mental health laws, an inquest jury has ruled.’Nothing has been learned’Assistant Chief Constable Garry Forsyth said: “We do not underestimate the impact Kingsley Burrell’s death and the subsequent investigation has had on both his family and the wider community.”Crucial lessons have been learned from this tragic case and how the force manages people who are detained with mental and physical health needs.”In 2013 West Midlands Police launched its street triage scheme. This has seen the force team up with regional NHS Trusts to launch specialist units that crews officers with psychiatric nurses and paramedics to answer calls involving people thought to be experiencing mental ill health.”Ms Brown Burrell said she was “sick of hearing about lessons learned” because in the high quality designer replica past “nothing has been learned”.What is restraint?Restraint is used when agents of the state including police officers, medical staff, hired security workers and even teachers need to deal with potentially violent situations.The aim is for staff to bring the person or people under https://www.replicabagonlines.com control quickly.For example, a prison officer might consider using restraint if a confrontation between prisoners was escalating.What training is required?Professionals who use restraint are required to undergo training. They have to be able to assess a volatile situation quickly, choose the right method to deal with it and be able to move from one technique to another in a fluid situation.The Home Office says custody officers who escort detainees have to have passed a course on escorting safely.Read more: Q How is restraint used in the UK?Mr Burrell’s sister Kadisha Brown Burrell told Birmingham Coroners Court she had visited the mental health unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and had been concerned by his condition.”He couldn’t move his head, couldn’t move his body, couldn’t move his shoulders.”[He] had three lumps, one on his forehead.”She told the inquest when she visited the following day her brother had urinated and had been left on the floor in handcuffs for five or six hours.”He said that while he was in the QE during assessment he was on the floor, and all he wanted was a glass of water,” she said.The jury concluded its findings by saying there had been a “gross failure to provide or procure” basic medical attention in response to an obvious need. high quality replica handbags

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