At that battle rating, anything so much as whiff in your

I think it must be the fig leaf and the rest of the base notes. Even though we don’t have fig or cedar trees in Finland, I think about the woods in here when I smell the perfume. (We have a lot of pine trees, and of course junipers, so it’s not that much a long shot!) Forest always calms me, and in Jardin Mediterranee I detect that dry and warm feeling of it.

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I’m sorry yall, but it was a tossup between Plies and Nas, I was certain that Jay Z would be 6. Plies’ music is straight thuggery and a coldness that moves me when I listen to it, underneath all of the Goon talk, he’s actually telling you a tale of these Florida streets. Can’t put Plies down, he always delivers for me..

He was hired by some shady military organization to investigate the WakuWaku Balls (any resemblance to the Red Ribbon Army may not be a coincidence). Slash: An elf who hunts and kills monsters with his trusty magical sword. His sword is cursed, and he wants the WakuWaku Balls so he can break the curse.

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