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Blatant Voter Fraud in Georgia

canada goose coats Ralph Deedsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

Although I was unable cheap canada goose uk to access the Paul video, this sounds like voting official fraud, not voter fraud. This is an important distinction because “voter” fraud is rare because there is no financial incentive for canadian goose jacket anyone to vote fraudulently. The real problem is that too few people bother to vote. Voting should be made easier, not harder. for voting is a transparent effort to suppress voting by the elderly, students and minorities who they believe are likely to vote Democratic. Shame on the GOP.

Canada Goose online I guess my main point is I still don’t see how such a policy discriminates against one side of the political spectrum. There are hyper religious people who Canada Goose Parka believes social security numbers are the Mark of te Beast and survivalists who live off the grid. That’s about as fringe right as you can buy canada goose jacket cheap get. But if you’re a college student chances are you have to flash some proof of ID just to function in everyday life.

Canada Goose sale Again, I’m not weighing in on whether it’s right or wrong, just whether it’s (sigh) yet another evil right wing plot. requirements and other voting impediments. The Democrats are opposing these bills that have been Canada Goose Online rammed canada goose uk black friday through a number of state legislatures without producing a shred of evidence that fraudulent voting is a significant problem. Supreme Court. As David Gergen said recently, the electoral process has canada goose become “a kind of card game for billionaires.”

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canada goose clearance With my dem pals’ plan, the older voters could have their IDs made at the voting place, before the law goes into effect. My community also has a senior citizen bus that canada goose clearance sale carries seniors around town for canada goose clearance free, including voting sites. We have another bus that anyone canada goose black friday sale can ride for $1. This should make it a lot easier for canada goose uk outlet people to get an ID. For example, let’s say a citizen shows up to vote in a primary and doesn’t have to have a photo ID. He/she is told that before they can vote in the election, they need an ID. The ID is made on the spot.

canada goose I am totally for voter ID, perhaps because I’m used to it here in GA. I do think, however, that getting the ID should be easy to do, and canada goose coats on sale it should be free.

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Canada Goose Parka My research show’s your showing up and not having a photo id not true. Apparently you canada goose coats have to have two forms of bills with your name and address on it. Then you fill out the form and they mail the form to your proven address. Then you sign it and mail it back. After it is recieved they Canada Goose Coats On Sale contact you to get your photo id made. This is a long and drawn out process I would think? Not to mention, would have to uk canada goose be done well before voting begins to get your id. Others provide them at no charge. The $20 amounts to a return of the poll tax which was outlawed by the Voter Rights Act. The requirement is an impediment to voting justified by a non existent voter fraud problem. It is a transparent attempt to discourage what the GOP views as likely Democratic voters uk canada goose outlet from voting.

canada goose coats on sale Moreover, the topic of this thread was the chicanery by the GOP party officials in Georgia who apparently didn’t follow their own party rules to the chagrin of Ron Paul supporters. requirement would have no bearing on this controversy.

buy canada goose jacket Sometimes it’s hard to keep these discussions on track.

I brought voting fraud up to point out that the thread topic was titled improperly. When I made my Canada Goose online initial comment I hadn’t been able to https://www.cheapcanadagoose.net access the video, and I wasn’t sure Canada Goose sale what canada goose uk shop the problem was. I recalled from memory that the Ron Paul supporters had complained that they were treated unfairly in Georgia. Since then I www.cheapcanadagoose.net was able to watch the video. It confirmed that the video had nothing to do with voter or voting fraud. requirement. Therefore, what happened in Georgia had to do with the fact canada goose factory sale that Gingrich supporters in the local GOP who were running the primary somehow apparently disadvantaged the Paul supporters. This had nothing to do with the non existent voting fraud that the Republicans have been bleating about all over the country.

canada goose black friday sale Ralph Deedsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

canada goose clearance sale What happened in Georgia may have been fraud, but it was not “voter fraud” which is Canada Goose Jackets the phony excuse used in the current GOP campaign to suppress potentially Democratic voters. What happened in Georgia according to Ron Paul supporters was unfair, imporoper or if you wish “fraudulent” treatment by the GOP people who were running the Georgia primary or caucus or whatever it was. According to them the procedure was more like the recent “election” in Russia.

canada goose deals Ralph Deedsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

buy canada goose jacket cheap ??? Your meaning isn’t clear. My Canada Goose Outlet understanding is that the skulduggery was on the part of the people running the primary or caucus or whatever it was.

cheap Canada Goose To me “voter fraud” means somebody who votes twice, or votes although he is ineligible to vote because he’s not a resident of the district where he’s voting or pretends he’s someone else. The controversy in Georgia had cheap Canada Goose nothing to do with “voting or voter fraud.” It resulted apparently from the fact that the GOP party officials didn’t follow their own rules or in some way were not fair to buy canada goose jacket Ron Paul. requirement would not have prevented this controversy.I don’t really need to produce evidence for this one, do I?

Canada Goose Outlet South Carolina Vote Flipping was rampant:US Virgin Islands:

canada goose store The media canada goose store almost always reports who wins the straw poll, and ignores who wins the delegates. except in the one case that Ron Paul wins the Straw Poll legitimately.