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Today we have Terraform. Fifteen years ago we did not. I can speak for tomorrow.I wondering about a tech bubble in the technology industryOK, so tech bubble probably won happen for a while. After reading the article, I am convinced that we will not see an x86 to ARM transition with macOS like we did from PowerPC to x86. Apple will never bring macOS to ARM. They will continue to merge macOS and iOS functionalities, develop both iOS and ARM until they can finally support key productivity functions from Xcode to Adobe suite, and then pull the plug on the MAC..

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Then when it comes to the actual ToB, it opens up a full look into the fuckin weird world of AD deity stuff. By the time the essence of Bhaal is limited to just a few Bhaalspawn, the power of the PC should be getting WAY more than it was enough that suddenly other people want to play. The PC should have started achieving the power of a lesser deity, and been able to pass on some of that power to the party.

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