Also, about pretending the job is yours: this only applies

canada goose coats on sale I have a REALLY big interview tomorrow for a Tech position

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Canada Goose Outlet As for advice (beyond what in that post, anyway), take iodan advice and bring a notepad with you and take notes about anything relevant to your position. When I interviewing, I generally pretend the job is already mine, and what they telling me about the company and team are things I actually need to remember. Not only does this look extremely professional during the first interview, canada goose uk shop it also makes you look nice and organized in follow up interviews, which are common with larger organizations. I usually take notes on my laptop, but this almost got me into trouble once when I didn make it clear what I was doing. “Say, do you mind if I ask what you doing on your canada goose laptop while we talking?”

canada goose clearance sale Come prepared with a list of questions for them. Remember: this isn just you begging for a job. Don just tell them why buy canada goose jacket cheap they should hire you; ask why you should accept. This also has the effect of subtly cheap canada goose uk implying that they lucky to get you. There are Canada Goose online a lot of dumb questions that people suggest interviewees ask, so don fall into that trap, either. Questions like “Where do you see the team/company/whatever in 5 years” are pointless, because the biz and tech qorld moves much goose jacket faster than that now. Asking the same question but in 6 months to a year is sometimes okay, but it depends on the circumstances. canada goose clearance sale Feel it out, and consider your questions carefully. Also, the more specific to the company they are, the more it shows you did your research ahead of time.

canada goose deals Ask about their work methodology and management style. Agile? Scrum? buy canada goose jacket This shows that you already familiar with them (and if you not, get familiar!), and also that you recognize that such decisions are important.

cheap Canada Goose Ask what kind of source control and bug trackers they using. Again, it shows professional competence as well as technical ability. If they aren using source control or bug canada goose store trackers and it isn your job to help them with it, you probably don want to work for them unless you like data loss.

Canada Goose online “If you could change one thing about this organization, what would it be?” This is the equivalent of “What don you like canada goose black friday sale about your job”, but is a little more open ended and allows the interviewer to shed some light on what kinds of challenges you might face, while still potentially giving you a warning about what kind of company processes/red tape might be standing in your way.

canada goose black friday sale “Describe a typical day or week in this position. “what is expected of me?”) This helps because it shows initiative, but also gives you a roadmap for a promotion if you take the job. Ask this later in the interview, perhaps during the point when they ask you if you have questions about the company, and near the end of whatever those questions might be. (Remember: take notes so you have some! You want your interest to be obvious, right?)

canada goose “What are the next steps in the interview process?” This shows that you interested, you like what you heard, and you want to move forwards. without being as blunt as “Hey, do canada goose coats I get Canada Goose Outlet the job?”

canada goose coats Hopefully those will get you started. Remember to make these as company specific as possible, and don just ask them in the order you wrote them down; ask them when they relevent to the conversation. Save at least one or two for the end of the interview (when they ask if you have any questions), so you still look interested/engaged, regardless of how many questions you may have asked during the process. Write down their answers! Shorthand if you have to, but make sure you take some kind of notes. It shows that the answers really matter to you, and you can use them to prepare for a follow up interview canada goose uk outlet if applicable, or for your first week on the job. Either way, canada goose coats on sale they help you make a good first (or second) impression.

buy canada goose jacket A couple of edits: First, pfunk17 brought up uk canada goose a good point: I didn mean that you should literally ask why you should accept. I meant that this is a very subtle, unspoken message your questions will convey: that the company interviewing you would be lucky to get you. Also, about pretending the job is yours: this only applies insofar as uk canada goose outlet you should treat the information you are receiving as important and try canada goose factory sale to remember it; not that you should be presumptuous Canada Goose Coats On Sale about it. For Canada Goose sale some reason that day one of their servers had went down Canada Goose Online and it was crucial that the site was fully functional at the time. I overheard someone explaining the problem in the background so I approached them about it and told them that I knew how they could fix it. I once applied to a place where I have to be quick doing online research for clients. The interviewer asked me how I felt about using the internet. I looked her in the eye and said: “If I can find it, it not canadian goose jacket on the internet.” I meant it too, and I got the job.

canada goose clearance Another time I spent over three hours at an interview. I was screened one at a time by my potential supervisor, my potential co workers, cheap Canada Goose a dept head, and then the VP of the entire company. (Large network security company). I just got into a groove, and didn get frazzled. I was a college drop out and didn have much of a resume. But, I was engaging, developed a rapport, wasn too informal, calm, and collected.