It also has a distinct fondness for other creatures

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hermes replica bags While the thought of snowball fights and snowmen brings joy to children around the country, snow isn’t so much fun for commuters who are at the mercy of the icy conditions. In the UK, just a light dusting is often enough to close schools, bring trains to a standstill and cause traffic jams galore.Have you taken photos or videos of the snow? Send them to us here and they may feature on Mirror Online.Driverless carsGoogle’s Waymo leapfrogs Uber to launch first ride hailing service with no human driver behind the wheelThe service will be free at first, but Waymo expects at some point to start charging for ridesChristmasA Christmas visit to spellbinding Lapland is unforgettable for children and big kids tooHusky sledding, tobogganing, ice fishing and a private meeting with Father Christmas Tom Carlin, his wife and three young boys packed as much as they could into a magical trip to a very snowy LaplandWeatherUK Weather: ‘La Nina’ cold snap could see temperatures dip to 10 as first snow of winter hits next weekReason for the cold snap down to La Nina the cooling of the eastern Pacific Ocean which reduces Britain’s mild westerly winds and could even bring a White ChristmasRare animalsRare snow leopard pictured roaming above tattooed Ice Princess’ frozen tomb situated inside 2,500 year old burial moundThe majestic creature, a mother of two cubs, was snapped by a camera trap near the tomb of the Ukok Ice Princess, in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, RussiaWeatherSnow and fog on way as severe weather warning issued just in time for Bonfire NightFog and icy patches will descend on the UK with temperatures dropping enough for snow to start fallingUniversal CreditWhy the ‘reverse advent calendar’ is the best thing you can do this DecemberThis Christmas, try a ‘reverse advent calendar’ and make a positive difference in your communityFamily holidaysTake the kids to visit Santa at his home in Lapland for the ultimate Christmas experienceTry everything from dog sledding and snowmobiling in this winter wonderland.WeatherUK weather: Worst winter for 11 years on the way with temperatures set to plummet to MINUS 11Monday will bring the first big Autumn freeze with motorists waking to find frozen windscreens after temperatures fell to 4C overnightChloe FerryGeordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry and Love Island’s Sam Gowland are positively beaming as they pose for loved up photoThe reality stars appear to be pretty happy togetherWorld War 2Gruelling life of tank crews battling to win Second World War brought to life in powerful colour photographsThe stunning pictures show allied and Nazi tank crews as they took part in the final stages of World War Two.IAAF World Championships’Meth addiction made my feet freeze off’: Story of Olympic athlete dubbed Miracle Man will be played on screen by Josh HartnettEric LeMarque was a former Olympian and professional hockey player but suffered a painful fall due to crystal meth addiction and then lost both legs when a snowboarding trip went horribly wrongSainsbury’sSainsbury’s amazing pre Christmas toy sale is back, and the deals are better than ever here’s what’s on offer hermes replica bags.