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Brazil star Marcelo’s back injury may be down to his hotel mattress, claims team doctorThe Real Madrid star lasted just 10 minutes of the Selecao’s 2 0 win over Serbia on Wednesday night11:02, 28 JUN 2018Marcelo was given medication to ease the problem, which wasn’t a pulled muscle but rather a spasm in his back, suffered after breaking into a sprint to halt a Serbia attack.However, the team doctor has made public his belief that the problem may have surprisingly been caused by the mattress in his hotel room.”It is still too early to make an accurate diagnosis,” declared Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar post game. “The injury may be related to the hotel mattress.”Although our expectation is good, but we have to be calm and wait for the next few days.”The important thing is there is no injury, they were muscle spasms.

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